15 Last Minute SUPER Affordable Christmas Gifts!

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We’re running out of time! As I write this post there is only 12 days until Christmas!

If you’re scrambling trying to buy last minute SUPER AFFORDABLE gifts that people actually want, you’re not alone!

The holidays are a stressful time of year and it can be especially stressful when it seems as if your bank account hates you!

You want to buy your loved one’s nice gifts but think you can’t afford it.

Don’t fret! I’ve got you covered! I’m going to help you make your dollar stretch this holiday season.

Keep reading to see 15 super affordable gifts that people are guaranteed to LOVE. They are thoughtful and the best part is that they don’t seem cheap.

I guarantee you won’t accidentally find your gift in someone’s closet OR even worse, see it re-gifted at the next White Santa.

Some of the gift ideas are DIY but if DIY isn’t you’re jam there’s many options you can buy or make (for cheap!!!).

Here it goes ……

DIY Coupon Book 

This can be for any of your loved one’s on your list but it’s especially perfect for your significant other.

Some ideas for the book include cooking dinner, a massage, or one on one time. Get creative and have fun with it.

The best part is that this is basically free – all you need is paper and access to a printer.

Bake Christmas Cookies

Ok, this is totally an obvious one but I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t appreciate a good cookie! There are so many great holiday cookie recipes out there.

My recommendation – Ginger Bread Men! Have fun with it and decorate them.

Photograph in a Frame

You can print a photograph for basically nothing and there’s ALWAYS frames on some clearance rack. A good place to find them is at Bed Bath and Beyond (not an affiliate or ad). I always find great frames on the clearance rack there.

Find a special photo of you and your loved ones and give it to them. It’s a thoughtful AND an inexpensive gift!

DIY Ornaments

I just made some of these a couple weeks ago with friends and it was a total blast! Don’t worry about perfection. Just let your inner artist out and have fun with it.

All you need is some clear plastic ornaments, ribbon, and choice of paint.

We used paint marker pens and they worked out perfect. The plastic bulbs can be found at any craft store but I saw them super cheap at Target (5 bucks for 4!)

A Starbucks (or any coffee shop) Gift Card

I know, this is such a generic gift BUT it’s perfect for a work gift swap.

Nobody wants to get stuck with the ugly socks so it’s always a big hit at the gift exchange! It’s a useful gift because who doesn’t love coffee?! Get a $5-$10 gift card and you’re good to go!

DIY Cookbook

If cooking is your thing and people love your recipes you can create a DIY cookbook – all you need is Microsoft Word and access to a printer.

BUT if you want to take it to the next level you can create a beautiful book in Canva (which is totally FREE!).

Canva is an online FREE graphic design tool. I use it to create all my Pinterest graphics. It’s SUPER user friendly!

A DIY Gift Basket

You can find some great little gifts at the dollar store (kitchen gadgets, etc.) and put them in a basket or gift bag with some nice tissue paper.

I think it goes without saying that you should get the tissue and bag from the dollar store while you’re there. Nothing is more annoying than overpaying for some paper gift bag and tissue paper!

DIY Body Scrubs

These are super fun and you can make some for yourself at the same time!

Even if you’ve never done this before it’s easy – I promise! You can find some great DIY body scrub recipes online.

If you want to make an even bigger impact make a holiday Christmas scrub

Once you’re finished with your awesome creation put it in a mason jar with some ribbon for an extra special (and more expensive looking) touch!

DIY Face Mask

This is another recommendation you can’t go wrong with! There are so many great face mask recipes out there.

Check out this article to find some super easy to make masks.

Put it in a nice jar with some ribbon and there ya go –  you have a perfect, thoughtful gift.

DIY Lip Balm

Do you see a trend here? I LOVE DIY beauty products because they’re fun to make, effective, and natural!

Check out these DIY lip balm recipes.

I promise you, it’s a great gift that someone will love.

Self-Care Basket

Make all the suggested DIY beauty products and create an amazing gift basket.

Seriously, anyone would love to receive this self-care basket. It’s an affordable gift that is incredibly thoughtful.

It’s also a topic of conversation because everyone will want to know how you made your goodies!

Chex Mix in a Mason Jar

This one is easy and a fan favorite. Don’t believe anyone who tells you they don’t love holiday Chex Mix. They do.

Check out this Christmas Chex Party recipe.

For a final touch put it in a mason jar with ribbon. Everything looks good in a mason jar with holiday ribbon.

DIY Candle Holders

Find stemless wine glasses or candle holders at the dollar store and decorate them.

Use the same supplies I recommended that you decorate the DIY bulbs with. It’s a cheap but cute gift! Don’t forget to pick up a few candles from the Dollar Store.

A Bottle of Wine and Cheese

Sounds expensive right? It doesn’t have to be. Unless you’re giving this to someone who has a pallet for expensive wine, head on over to Trader Joes and pick up a bottle. They’re wine is really cheap (some are less than $3) and for the price surprisingly good.

Pick up some cheese while you’re there and voila – you have a gift that seems expensive!

Wine Saver

I have NEVER heard of anyone not loving a wine saver! My favorite are the ones with vacuum pumps. It preserves the wine a lot longer than it would otherwise.

It’s perfect if you just want a glass or two and don’t want the rest to spoil. You can find various kinds and most of them are pretty inexpensive (some are as cheap as $10).

A Mug with a Box of Tea

You can always find a cute mug somewhere on a clearance rack (again, Bed Bath and Beyond has great clearance racks). Pair it with a box of tea and you’re good to go! Simple right?!

Well folks, I hope you enjoy your holidays! If you try one of my recommendations, I’d love to hear from you!

Post a comment letting us know how the gift worked out. HAPPY HOLIDAYS! xo



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  1. Great and fun ideas for creative minds and hands, thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you Charmaine for your kind words! Happy Holidays to you xo

  2. I am all about the gift baskets! Plus they are fun to make.

  3. Some creative, good ideas here.


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