9 Habits of Highly Successful Women

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Do you ever look at some women and wonder how they do it all and do it well? Highly successful women seem to be able to do all the things and appear super human.

However, it’s simply the habits of higly successful women that make them different.

These women don’t have special powers. The truth is, they don’t possess anything you don’t already have within yourself. You have everything you need inside yourself to be a highly successful woman too!

What separates highly successful women from the rest is what they do behind the scenes. These women have developed habits that enable them to live their best life.

If you’re reading this, I know its because you want to start living your version of a successful life. Your life might not be what you envision for yourself right now but a desire to live your best life is the first step.

If you want to know what it takes to be a highly successful woman keep reading!

Here are the top 9 habits highly successful women commit themselves to practicing ….

Mind Stimulation

Highly successful women have a thirst for knowledge and soak it up like a sponge. They take the time to feed their minds by reading, taking workshops, and staying abreast of what is going on in the world. These women make time for these things because the understand the importance of feeding their minds.


Highly successful women make time to nourish their mind, body and soul! Even during the busiest of days they find little ways to fit in self-care and are aware of what self-care tools work best for them. Fitting self-care into a busy schedule can be challenging but they make it a priority!

Saying No!

Highly successful women protect their time. They understand the importance of time management and say “no” to distractions. They also get that in saying “no” they can say “yes” to the activities they truly want to partake in and that serve them.

Walk Their Talk

Successful women know what they stand for and aren’t wishy washy. They are confident in their values and their actions are consistent with their beliefs. They do what they say and understand that walking their talk creates credibility.

Practice Gratitude

Highly successful women know that practicing gratitude improves all aspects of their lives from their mental and physical health to relationships. Scientific evidence backs this up!

These women also understand that gratitude raises their vibrational frequency, which in turn attracts more of what they want into their lives. They get that gratitude is the key to setting the law of attraction into motion!

Make Time For Hobbies

Highly successful women work hard AND play hard! They understand how crucial downtime is to their overall well-being and engage in activities that bring them joy and decrease stress.

Prune Their Lives

Successful women know that in order to thrive it is necessary to cut out what is not serving them. They reflect on all areas of their lives when pruning and only keep that which contributes to their success, happiness, and well-being.


Every highly successful woman knows how crucial it is to take care of their body and makes time to move it! They understand that physical activity benefits every area of their lives and make it a priority to get their endorphins flowing!

The benefits of physical activity are too much to list here but the bottom line is that if you want to be a highly successful woman you need to get moving!

Hang Out With Winners

Highly successful women hang out with a crew that inspires and challenges them. Their friends have big goals and go after them.

You’ll find these women hanging out with people they can have intelligent, inspiring conversations with and who aren’t settling for a basic, mediocre life.

I hope this post inspired you to start taking action to becoming the highly successful woman you were born to be! You’ve got this!



  1. These are some really great tips. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I totally agree with your tips and I do all of them except moving haha. I am guilty of that, I go on walks but I don’t love the gym

  3. Yes! Thank you for including self-care and gratitude in this article! So many times, this topic is focused solely on how to get more and more done, but recharging and being thankful are so important!!!

  4. These are excellent habits that all of us should practice regularly and because of your post, more people can! In a world where we spread ourselves too thin pruning and saying no are great things to practice. And of course gratitude. We can all be a little more thankful for the things we have! Thanks for the great tips!

    • Thanks so much for your reply and kind words! We definitely spread ourselves too thin! I’ve become really good at saying no. When we say no to things we don’t want to do it frees up time to say yes to what matters to us 🙂

  5. I love this list! I’m always trying to refine my habits. Have you read the book High Performing Habits?

    • I haven’t but I’ll definitely take a look at it! Besides blogging reading is my other passion and self-development books are my favorite (and only thing I read lol). Thanks for the recommendation!


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