31 Gratitude Journal Prompts to Boost Appreciation

by | Jul 19, 2020

It can be tough to practice gratitude when you aren’t feeling your best.

When you’re in the midst of a difficult circumstance you might not be motivated to look for things to be thankful for.

But practicing gratitude can be life-changing when you’re experiencing hard times. You’re reminded that there is some good in your life.

Gratitude is also important to practice when all is well in your world. It helps you maintain a positive outlook.

Enter gratitude journal prompts!

They are an easy but effective way to boost appreciation whatever you’re experiencing in your life.

There is always something to be grateful for and getting it down on paper using prompts works!


What is Gratitude?


Simply put, gratitude is an appreciation for the good in one’s life. It is the process of identifying things to feel thankful for.

Gratitude doesn’t always have to be for the “big” things in life. It can be for seemingly simple things, such as a beautiful sunset.


Benefits of a Gratitude Practice


Practicing gratitude isn’t some woo- woo self-help technique. The benefits have been well documented and are backed by scientific research.

I took a certificate course through Yale University called the Science of Well-Being. A section of the course was dedicated to teaching the evidenced-based benefits of practicing gratitude.

For one week students were asked to write down things to be grateful for and then measure their level of happiness at the end of the week.

Let me tell you – it worked! I felt happier at the end of the week.

Check out this clip of the course facilitator, Dr. Laurie Santos, discussing the scientific benefits of practicing gratitude.

If you’re interested in taking the course (which I highly recommend!) you can enroll for FREE HERE!

The following are some evidence-based  benefits of practicing gratitude:

  • boosts immune system
  • improves sleep
  • improves relationships
  • decreases depression
  • increases patience
  • improves self-care
  • boosts happiness
  • decreases stress levels


Why Use Gratitude Journal Prompts?


There are many effective ways to practice gratitude but one of my favorites is using gratitude journal prompts.

I love them because it’s an easy way to remember that there are LOTS of things to feel grateful for.

We tend to think of the obvious things, such as a home or car. But, there are lots of “small” things to feel thankful for as well.

Gratitude journal prompts remind you to be thankful for everyday things and uncover things you might not have thought of.


The following 31 gratitude journal prompts will help you discover and be mindful of all the things you can appreciate in your life.

The best way to use these 31 journal prompts is to focus on one per day for a month.


Get out your journal and get your gratitude on!



31 Gratitude Journal Prompts


  1. One thing that happened today that I am grateful for…
  2. I felt proud of myself today because …
  3. I feel grateful for this person…
  4. Today this made me smile or laugh…
  5. I feel grateful for this opportunity…
  6. One good thing that happened to me this week was…
  7. Today I feel grateful that I learned…
  8. What is one thing I see right now (in this room) that I am grateful for?
  9. I recently witnessed this act of kindness…
  10. What simple pleasure did I enjoy today?
  11. What is the most beautiful thing I saw today?
  12. One good thing that happened to me today was…
  13. What conveniences (internet, technology, etc.) helped me today?
  14. What was the most delicious thing I ate today?
  15. Today I felt these positive emotions…
  16. I feel grateful for this relationship…
  17. What am I feeling grateful for at this moment?
  18. What material possessions am I grateful for?
  19. What non-material possessions am I grateful for?
  20. What is one good thing about the weather today?
  21. What was the best part today?
  22. In the past week, I felt inspired by…
  23. I am grateful for the city or home I live in because…
  24. What is something I learned this week that I am grateful for?
  25. What is the best thing that happened to me this week?
  26. I am grateful for having these abilities or talents…
  27. I am grateful for having these opportunities…
  28. I am grateful for this activity or hobby…
  29. I am grateful for having had the opportunity to visit this place…
  30. I am grateful for my job or career because…
  31. I am grateful for having learned this life lesson…


That’s all for now friend!


So much love,

Jen x


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