Welcome to my Resources page! Here you will find helpful information and recommendations on products I have tried and use. I do receive a small commission from some of the products you see here at no extra cost to you.

I only link products here that I absolutely love and have tried.

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Create and Go courses are hands down the BEST if you’re a new or advanced blogger. I would never have got my blog off the ground as fast and smoothly as I did without the LAUNCH YOUR BLOG BIZ course. Starting a blog can be super overwhelming but this course teaches you STEP BY STEP how to get your blog started quickly and the right way! It will also teach you how to start making MONEY from your blog – every new blogger’s dream, right?! Lauren (one of the course creators) makes herself extremely accessible in the private Create and Go Facebook group you’ll get access to if you purchase one of the courses. The support you’ll receive from peers and admin in the Facebook group is also phenomenal! SIGN UP HERE!



One of the most important things you can do as a blogger is to choose a good web hosting company. I use SITEGROUND and wouldn’t use anyone else! In fact, I left my first hosting company for SITEGROUND and I’m definitely not sorry I did. I am consistently BLOWN AWAY by the customer support team. Trust me, you absolutely want a hosting company with excellent customer service. After all, technology can be super overwhelming at times! Siteground is also FAST and SECURE. You 100% need a fast site if you don’t want people to bounce from it and you won’t ever have to worry about security.  It’s also pretty awesome that they back up your site DAILY! I have the GROW BIG plan. Check it out!




The absolute BEST way to drive traffic to your blog is by using Pinterest. No other social media platform will get you the same results. If driving traffic to your site is a goal of yours (I know it is!), Pinterest is your best friend. BUT a lot of people give up on Pinterest because they don’t see fast results and it can be a bit of an overwhelming platform until you’re used to it. That’s why you need the help of ELL DUCLOS. She’s a PINTEREST WHIZ!!!!!!! If you want BIG RESULTS you need to sign up for PINTEREST WITH ELL. A lot of Pinterest courses out there charge a ton but Ell’s is super reasonable and worth every penny. If you take the course you also get access to her private Pinterest with Ell Facebook group. The best part is that she makes herself ridiculously accessible. There are times I will post a question and she’ll respond within 5 minutes – no joke! SIGN UP HERE!



If you’re going to be a serious blogger you need solid images on your site and social media. Grainy, overly used photos just won’t cut it. Sure, you can use free stock photography. I did for a short while before I purchased a MEMBERSHIP WITH IVORY MIX. I just wasn’t getting the results I wanted from free stock photos. If you’re going to be driving traffic to your blog with social media you want to stand out and you can’t do that with overly used, low-quality photos. I noticed a BIG difference in my Pinterest pins getting clicks when I started using IVORY MIX STOCK PHOTOS.  Ivory Mix is reasonably priced compared to other paid stock photography sites. The photos are ultra BEAUTIFUL, CRISP, and FEMININE. I bought the VIP MEMBERSHIP and it’s been worth its weight in gold! The VIP Membership gives you access to a ton of photos, Pinterest templates, and lots of various courses.




IS YOUR BLOG LEGAL???? If you’re planning on being a serious blogger that makes money YOU NEED LEGAL PAGES! I get it, it’s the dry, boring part of blogging BUT there is NOWAY AROUND IT! You can get yourself is some SERIOUS trouble if you’re not using legal pages or garbage-free ones. If you haven’t heard of Amira yet, you will. She’s extremely popular with bloggers because she makes it ridiculously EASY to have your site legally legit. Even if you’re low on cash, legal pages are NOT something you want to pinch pennies on. I bought her LEGAL BUNDLE, which includes a privacy policy, terms, and conditions, disclaimer pages. She also sells solo legal pages: DISCLAIMERPRIVACY POLICY TEMPLATE and TERMS, AND CONDITIONS. Amira provides STEP BY STEP instructions that are SUPER easy. I purchased her pages and had my blog legally covered in an hour. Worth every penny for the peace of mind I have that I won’t get in trouble and that you will have too if you purchase these pages!




If you’re going to be a serious blogger you NEED TAILWIND. They are an OFFICIAL Pinterest partner, which means they can be trusted! Pinterest and Tailwind have such a strong relationship that when Pinterest announced the BIG algorithm changes they did it through a webinar with Tailwind! Using TAILWIND takes all the guesswork about when you should pin because they do it for you. They customize your schedule to optimize your exposure. This means that they pin everything at the perfect time for you! Additionally, since they pin for you it’s ok to not be one Pinterest for several days at a time. After all, life happens and you might not be able to be on Pinterest pinning your little heart out manually. Basically, you can pin in your sleep with Tailwind! I know you’ve heard that 1000 times but it’s true! Do yourself a favor and get Tailwind HERE NOW!