31 Simple Things to be Grateful for in Life

by | May 17, 2020

Life is busy. Most of us are spread thin, wear too many hats, and are so worried about our to-do list that we forget to stop and smell the roses. Juggling too many balls makes us miserable and anxious.

BUT what if I told you that you can be happy right now no matter what’s going on in your life? Enter gratitude!

31 Simple Things to be Grateful for in Life

The benefits are gratitude is well-documented and MIGHTY! There is ALWAYS something to be grateful for even when life feels overwhelming and hard.

Gratitude is a wonderful, free, natural dose of medicine that you can whip out at any time. It’s guaranteed to give you a boost of happiness and leave you feeling more centered.

So, get your gratitude on RIGHT NOW with this list of 31 simple things to be grateful for in life (even when times are tough!).

Here we go…


1. Nice weather

Who doesn’t enjoy good weather?!

Maybe nice weather for you is a crisp fall day (that’s my jam!), a hot sunny afternoon, a splash in the puddles kinda day, or a dusting of snow.

Whatever your version of nice weather is, soak it up and be grateful you get to experience it!


2. A good book

If you’re a book worm like me I have a feeling this will be on your gratitude list!

Books can take you to far off places, teach you things, and change your life. What’s not to appreciate?!


3. The internet

The fact that you are reading this confirms that you have access to the internet, which is a BIG deal!

How crazy is it that we walk around with the internet in our pockets and purses?!

Given that most of the world still don’t have access to the internet, it’s truly a blessing that should not be overlooked.



4. Spare time

Um, enough said? Most of us are spread thin these days so any extra time is a gift!


5. A warm cup of coffee

I don’t know about you, but I’m a java nut! My morning isn’t the same without a cup of joe!

I’m grateful for every single sip and have immense gratitude to whoever invented the preset function on coffee makers. Waking up to the smell is just the best.

I know some of you out there can relate!


6. Your health

If you’re in good health you have a LOT to be grateful for. You truly are rich if all parts of your body are functioning as they should.

On the other hand, if your health isn’t great try and be grateful for what parts are working well.


7. A good laugh

Laughter truly is the BEST medicine. In fact, Harvard Health shared a study that found laughter to be good for the heart! How cool is that?!

Next time you have a laugh that hurts your cheeks be grateful! It’s a huge mood booster and you’re doing your body good!


8. A warm bed

If you’re fortunate to be able to sleep in a warm, comfy bed be grateful. There are a lot of people who go without a bed night after night.


9. Your job

It’s easy to get in a funk and complain about a job. But you might feel different if you didn’t have a job to complain about! It might not be your dream job but in the meantime, it is supporting you!


10. Access to healthcare

It’s easy to complain about those pesky annual check-ups or preventative yearly mammograms but having access to those to those services can save your life!

Not everyone has access to healthcare so consider yourself fortunate if you do.


11. Monday mornings

Yep, I said it! Monday mornings are an opportunity for a fresh start! Kick-off the week on a positive note by being grateful for Monday!

Set some big goals for the week and be grateful for the chance to go out and crush them!


12. Comfy shoes

I’m going to be honest – I hate heels. They look cute but are the least functional and most uncomfortable shoe there is. Period.

I’m so grateful for a comfy flat and cute runner! Who’s with me?!


13. Good friends

Having friends you can count on, confide in, and laugh with is a wonderful gift! We are social creatures and as a result, it’s important to our overall well-being to have connections and a sense of belonging.


14. Past mistakes

They are the best learning teachers! Mistakes allow us to grow and that is what life is about!

Next time you make a mistake, brush the dust off and try and practice some gratitude for the lesson learned.


15. Fresh, clean, air

If you’re fortunate to live in a place where the air is safe to breathe don’t take it for granted. There are lots of places in the world with poor air quality that poses health risks.


16. Clean water

It’s quite simple – if you can drink water out of your tap you are extremely fortunate!


17. Running water

This is one that is easily taken for granted but having access to running water is a blessing. Having running water inside of a home is unheard of for a lot of people around the world!


18. Education

This is one I had to constantly remind myself of while completing my master’s program. The workload was intense and there were times where I would complain about it.

BUT education is a privilege! It’s not always enjoyable to go to class or having to buckle down and write an essay but there are MANY people who wish they had the opportunity!



19. A smile

I don’t know about you but whenever I receive a smile it totally boosts my mood! One of my favorite smiles (besides one from my son) is a smile from a stranger. Something about it warms my heart and I feel immense gratitude.


20. At home movie night

There’s something about this that feels so cozy! Being snuggled up under a blanket, popcorn, and a good flick is a simple yet perfect evening!


21. Your clothes

Clothes are fun! Each day they let you express yourself and help your personality shine through!

On a serious note, your fortunate to have a wardrobe and the option to change your clothing. The next time you say “I have nothing to wear” take a moment to be grateful for the clothing you do have.


22. Siblings

Siblings are the first friends we have and if you’re lucky, friends for life! Plus, only they can understand your crazy family the way you do!


23. Vacations

Having the opportunity to see other parts of the country or world truly is a blessing. The world is such a miraculous place!

It’s also kinda fun to be able to lay back and sip an umbrella drink 😊


24. Sunsets

No explanation needed.


25. A way to get around

I’m not even talking about having your own car – just transportation in general because having access to any form of a lift is something to be happy about.

Sure, the bus isn’t glamorous by any stretch! But it gets you to where you need to go, such as your job.


26. A place to call home

I guarantee this is one we all forget to feel thankful for but when you think about it, how amazing is it that you have a place to hang your hat?! It really is a luxury if you think about how many others don’t have this opportunity.

Next time you fling open that door say a big thank you!


27. Freedom to make choices

This is an extraordinary blessing that’s often taken for granted. Next time you’re overwhelmed by all the choices you have, try to remember how incredible it is to have the freedom to make choices!


28. Vaccines

This one is especially relevant right now during the COVID-19 crisis.

While we don’t have a vaccine for this brutal virus YET we do have vaccines for many others, such as measles, polio, and the flu. This crisis has been a reminder to be grateful for the vaccines that exist!


29. Electricity 

How amazing is it that we literally walk over to the wall, flick a switch, and voila there is light?! Pretty cool if you ask me!


30. Cake

I had to throw this one in because, well, who doesn’t love cake?! 😊


31. The earth

We live on a planet floating in outer space!!!!! Stop right now and think about that! It’s utterly mind-blowing and I’m so grateful for all this beautiful planet does for us.

That’s all for now, friends! 💗

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